You don’t get to decide what is happening in your house (or do you?)

If you haven’t heard already, earlier this week Nest announced they are killing the support of external devices communicating with the API.

Popular services like IFTTT, along with pretty much most existing integrations will stop talking to Nest as a result of this action! The “Works With Nest” program and the API has been the only way to have something outside the Nest ecosystem talk to Nest. And then, there is more! Google is moving to “Works with Assistant” which means that not only your home gadgets are isolated now but also you will have to use Home Assistant (Google’s Alexa) and if you want to keep interconnecting your home functions you can only buy from the “Works with Assistant” approved list. So next time you go shopping, keep looking for a Google sticker on the box or you are out of luck. And the “Works with Assistant” sticker is something only Google partners will have. No 3rd party companies!

So thank you Nest for this great reminder on why we need to stay away from centralized, cloud-based, IoT devices in our life!

In other words, if you don’t have root access, someone else does.

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