Windows now fully supported!

V.9.2 now fully supports Windows by providing default SSID settings for easier provisioning. Till now you couldn’t enter (easily) your WiFi details with a Windows machine.

HestiaPi now comes preconfigured to connect to a default network with


Password: “HESTIAPI”

(both without the quotes).

If you only have access to Windows machines:

  1. Create a WiFi network with these details before connecting power to your HestiaPi Touch.
  2. Once HestiaPi Touch has booted, it will connect to it automatically.
  3. Now you can SSH into it and change “HESTIAPI” to your regular WiFi network details (and reboot). Here is how.
  4. After the reboot its given (DHCP) IP will be shown on the loading screen. Make sure you enter your WiFi details correctly. They ARE case sensitive of course 😉

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