Maker Faire Contest

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Entries continue until the 14th of May 2017 and the winner will be announced then by email.

It may seem little to you but your help can make a great difference in our project!


If you want to make HestiaPi but feel a bit intimidated or don’t know where to start from, we organise a workshop so that everyone will make their own HestiaPi Touch to take home.

Come at the Athens Hackerspace on Tuesday 16th of May 8:00 pm and find out more. This is not the actual workshop but rather a preparatory meeting to see how many people are interested and their skills so that we can plan space, seats, supervisors and equipment.

Of course both meetings are free to the public to attend at no cost. There should a pre-paid cost for the parts required to be ordered in advanced in bulk if you want to actually make one to take home. If you just want to come to attend without making – you will not need to pay anything.

No prior booking is required for the first one. Find out about Athens Hackerspace here