So you got your new HestiaPi. What else can it do?

With HestiaPi being maker-friendly, at no extra cost or with less than 20USD in parts you can add these simple and cool features in your home.
Our funded campaign has less than a week left. So this is your last chance to grab yours!
Your imagination may be the limit with what HestiaPi can become so here is a little push to get you started:

LED Strip controller

A simple and cheap circuit will not only give WiFi connectivity to your existing LED strip but it will also allow you to control everything from your phone. Supporting RGB, RGBW and WS281x LED strips. Soon to be released on Github and maybe another crowdfunding campaign to make it happen!

App notifications

When actions need to take place right there and then, the app is the best tool to command HestiaPi. But when things happen behind the scene and HestiaPi needs to let you know if something happened, app notifications do just that without bothering you too much.