HestiaPi Touch ONE – PIY Kit + FREE SHIPPING


Everything the ONE model offers minus the case. Save some money by 3D printing the case yourself (PIY). You can find all files in the Downloads section.

HestiaPi Touch is a completely open source smart thermostat for your home. With HestiaPi Touch, you can monitor your home’s temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure. You can also control your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, hot water, humidity and more from anywhere you have an Internet connection. You can do all this securely and with confidence your private data stays private. HestiaPi Touch is compatible with many devices and home automation systems and can serve as a central point of control that ties them all together in your home.

This release is targeted at makers and early adopters!
Please check the latest release notes about what detailed feature to expect and what bugs are still among us.

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Product Description


  • Supports most US and EU systems with five wires: C, R, W, Y, G (Common, Red, White, Yellow, Green)
  • New responsive LCD UI with improved functionality
  • Mains (100-240V AC) and HVAC (24V AC) support (depending on model)
  • Two stage heating support
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit supported
  • 3.5″ LCD single-point touch screen snaps on RaspberryPi GPIO header
  • WiFi b/g/n Internet connectivity
  • Raspberry Pi Zero Inside
  • Running OpenHAB 2 platform
  • 4 solid state relays can control (depending on model) heating, 2nd stage heating, AC, fan, humidity or hot water
  • BME280 sensor support
  • Dedicated LCD male header allows easier installation
  • Improved MQTT support – most external variables are now accessible
  • Websockets support
  • New App UI allows control of all functions (heating, cooling, fan, humidity control and 2nd stage heating – depending on model) plus the following:
    • Change timezone
    • Change between °C and °F unit
    • Change between HVAC – US and Generic – EU
    • Select Humidify/Dehumidify function
    • 2nd stage heating custom parameters
    • Shutdown and reboot
    • One-click update from GitHub server
    • Backup/restore configuration
  • Info page with the following:
    • Public IP
    • Local IP
    • WiFi SSID used
    • WiFi signal strength
    • WiFi MAC address
    • CPU Temp/Load
    • Uptime
    • Used Disk space
    • Timezone
  • Modular design for easy future upgrades and troubleshooting
  • Can work with Google Home and Amazon Alexa
Board Diagram
1. Modular PSU 6. Reset pin
2. MicroUSB (power + data) 7. 4x Relays
3. MicroSD card 8. Sensor connector
4. Raspberry Pi 9. Reset button
5. LCD Connector + GPIO 10. Terminals



No enclosure provided. 3D print the case yourself from the Downloads section

3.5″ LCD resistive touch screen

Raspberry Pi Zero W

Broadcom BCM2835 @ 1GHz, Single-core CPU


16GB microSD loaded with latest software updates

> 802.11 b / g / n Wireless LAN
> Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy (BLE)



Bosch BME280 I²C

Temperature: -40/80°C

Relative Humidity: 0-100%RH

Temperature: ±0.5 °C

Relative Humidity: ±3 %RH


2 A, 110-250 V AC


Relays are for AC loads only (as standard for all HVAC systems), no DC loads

Less than 3W. That means less than 5GBP or 5USD per year!

>12 cm x 13.5 cm x 3.8 cm

>200 grams (EU), 225 grams (US)

Please note that bottom side of PCB, microHDMI, USB for power and camera are physically blocked


Terminal Block Wiring

Label US EU
C(N) C – Common wire Neutral
R(L) R – Red Live
W(W) W – White Hot water
Y(H) Y – Yellow Heating
G(Hum) G – Green Humidity
W2 Two-stage furnace Two-stage furnace

US vs. EU: Which option is right for me?

HestiaPi Touch is available in two options: US or EU. These determine the power supply input voltage (US: 24V AC, EU: 100-240V AC). The US option supports the C (common) wire in HVAC systems. Even if you live in the US, you may live in a house that does not support the C-wire, so make sure to check which is the right option for you.

US-HVAC Model Hookup (24V AC)

EU Model Hookup (100-240V AC)

No Need to Trade Privacy for Convenience

Our homes are becoming ever more enhanced with complex technologies. With proper automation and coordination of these technologies, our lives will become easier and more comfortable. Coming home after work to find a warm home with hot water ready to use is convenient. However, the very automation that affords us these conveniences also strips us of our privacy by constantly harvesting data about us and shipping it off to companies for marketing and other purposes.

We wanted a home automation solution that preserves our privacy and security, has all the features we need, and is available at a reasonable price. So, we did what engineers do in these situations: we spent time and brain cells to design and develop (and redesign and iterate) what would fit most of the people in the most economical way. As the number of pilot users increased, more features kept being added (and more bugs were squashed). Finally, we reached a point where HestiaPi covers most people’s needs out of the box and almost everyone else’s needs with just a bit of modification.

Open Source Benefits

HestiaPi is ready for makers, hackers, and developers. Because it’s open source, you can:

  • Control your own data
  • Fix your own hardware with off-the-shelf components
  • Add hardware to fit your needs
  • Run the software you want
    • Patch security fixes first
    • Run a custom distro or software
    • Check open ports, services, and logs
  • Create a custom enclosure to fit your location

Designed for Expandability

HestiaPi’s open nature begs for expansion. So far, we have prototyped wireless sensor modules for sensing CO, CO2, various other gases, dust (PM2.5), smoke, temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, water level, water leak, proximity, PIR motion, and magnetic contacts. We’ve also prototyped controlling and monitoring standard relays, power relays, electric motors, water pumps, sirens, lights, and RGB LED strips.

A series of smaller projects are scheduled to deliver the most popular expansions, so you can start building your desired home automation on top of HestiaPi. For less techy people, Sonoff, M5Stack, and other manufacturers already offer solutions that can easily integrate with HestiaPi’s ecosystem.

Easy-to-use Interface Control

HestiaPi Touchscreen

Use HestiaPi’s attractive touchscreen to control the device.

HestiaPi has an easy-to-use, touchscreen interface.

We Support openHAB

HestiaPi is based on the openHAB platform. Use the platform’s accessible web and mobile interface to control HestiaPi.

Most of the cool things HestiaPi can do are because of openHAB. For every HestiaPi purchased a small amount goes back to openHAB Foundation e.V.


openHAB UX, from right to left: iOS, Android Light

Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa

OpenHAB already supports your favourite assistants, so you can easily add HestiaPi to your existing ecosystem.

How HestiaPi Compares

HestiaPi Touch Nest ecobee4 tado° Honeywell Lyric Hive
Price (USD) $160 $249 $249 $253 $253 $228
US HVAC Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
EU Heating Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Hot Water Yes Yes No No No Yes
Dehumidifier/Humidifier Yes No No No No No
User Interface Touchscreen & app Touchscreen & app Touchscreen & app Buttons & app Touchscreen & app Buttons & app
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet (w/ additional adapter) Wi-Fi only Wi-Fi only Ethernet only with Internet bridge Wi-Fi only Wi-Fi only
Works with Alexa, Google Home Both Both Both Both Both Both
US/EU Both Both US only EU only EU only EU only
Power Type Mains, AC, C wire support Mains, AC, C wire support C wire only Batteries No C wire support, mains, AC Batteries
Batteries None None Required Required None Required
Privacy Only you control your data Google controls your data ecobee controls your data tado° controls your data Honeywell controls your data Hive controls your data
Home Automation Integration Any API or open platform Check compatibility list No No No Very limited
Hackable Yes No No No No No
MQTT Support Yes No No No No No
ESP8266 and Sonoff/Tasmota Support Yes/Yes No/No No/No No/No No/No No/No


Please read the documentation before purchase and installation and make sure you know what you are doing.