Release date: 07/12/2019

Version: ONE

Dimensions: 7.4×9.0cm

Type: FR4, 2 layers, 1.2mm, HASL

Download link:

Assembly List

Label Part Type Properties
BME 4 pin male header
RL1, RL2, RL3, RL4 OMRON G3MB-202P Solid State Relay
LCD Long pin male header for LCD 15mm height
Reset Right angle button
PSU Power supply US: 24V AC to 5V DC 3A 15W regulated power supply.
C/R/W/Y/G/W2 6 pin terminal block
RaspberryPi Zero W RaspberryPi Zero W

ONE - Supported features

  • - 4 solid state relays can control (depending on model) heating, 2nd stage heating, AC, fan, humidity or hot water
  • - Mains (100-240V AC) and HVAC (24V AC) support (depending on model)
  • - BME280 support (through extension wire)
  • - Dedicated LCD male header allows easier installation

Known issues

  • - RaspberryPi Zero W needs to be soldered due to very limited space