v6.0 – Supported features

  • – Thank you paciotti!
  • – Improved design with noise protection from high voltage spikes
  • – Snaps on RaspberryPi Zero/3/2
  • – Supports both 3.3V and 5V BME sensors.
  • – Dual relay can control 2 independent contacts, like heating thermostat, AC, fan or hot water
  • – Relays offer both N.C. and N.O. contacts to choose (N.O. contacts used by default)
  • – Humidity unpopulated contact labelled ‘H’ provide unprotected LOW/HIGH signal @ 3.3V directly from RaspberryPi
  • – 4×2.5mm holes for securing PCB and RaspberryPi on the case
  • – Additional CPU ventilation holes

Known issues

  • – Camera connector holder (the part that moves) needs to be removed to allow soldering close to the power supply.
  • – Prefer connecting the sensor with wires and place it 4-5cm further to avoid thermal interference from CPU if you plan to enclose this PCB