Old HestiaPi gets a major upgrade!

And this is not even the best part!

We have our shinning new forum up and running and Greg is the one to blame but he also wrote a detailed guide on how to add MQTT (mosquito) support on old HestiaPi installations!

For those who didn’t quite catch that… the Original HestiaPi (not the new Touch version) now talks MQTT which practically translates to an API-like way to integrate HestiaPi with external systems.

OpenHAB is a home automation standard right now in the open source community and of course it talks MQTT so by installing OpenHAB and HestiaPi side-by-side on the same RasPi you get a huge amount of possibilities in a (pretty) box.

So, to recap… 🙂

  1. Old HestiaPi got a major upgrade
  2. Our new forum is up and running. Get help with your HestiaPi, suggest your favourite feature or simply see what other members of the community are using HestiaPi for.


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