New HestiaPi Touch model, new site, new ideas!

We are very proud to announce our new baby in the family! HestiaPi Touch is smaller, fully touchscreen controlled, more powerful, versatile and customisable! Completely redesigned, top to bottom, allows so many upgrades to come in the near future. All electronics are already available on our (also new!) website for makers around the globe with...

First look of the code!

First .img image file is available with all the latest code for developers to test. Please note that it is not advised to install this on a live system! Download  

Boy, have we been busy the last weeks

Finalise code – CHECK Receive updated PCB designs, hand solder and evaluate – CHECK Design 3D case and print prototypes – CHECK More actual photos to come of the prototypes we now play with…


Supported features Snaps on RaspberryPi Zero/3/2 Supports all DHT11/22/AM2302/BME280 sensors (use appropriate pins and 4.kΩ in R3 if needed). Supports both 3.3V and 5V sensors. Dual relay can control 2 independent contacts, like heating thermostat and hot water Relays offer both N.C. and N.O. contacts to choose (N.O. contacts used by default) Humidity unpopulated...

And we have a beta!

Custom UI designed later will replace this native one but fine for now. External power and a wireless keyboard to type faster were needed so case couldn’t close with the USB hub sticking out. You get the picture. Sorry 🙂 New PCBs on the way to correct the overheating issue (30’C !)  


Supported features Snaps on RaspberryPi Zero Supports DHT11/22/AM2302 sensor Dual relay can control 2 independant contacts Humidity unpopulated contact labelled ‘Hum’ provide LOW/HIGH signal 3.3V Known issues Pinout mistake – Do not use Note that last 4 GPIO contacts are note used (GPIO26, GPIO20, GND, GPIO21)


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