Our documentation is now a Wiki (or never leave you Pi home alone)

Preparing for the launch of our crowdfunding campaign at CrowdSupply we are doing some housekeeping. Part of that phase is tidying up our documentation and guides with up to date info and photos to help you. The biggest change though is that we moved all info and restructured it in a Wiki under our...

Why pay the premium for smart devices???

Some electronics lingo involved below. Vivid images of the insides of stuff. No animals were hurt.Crowdfunding campaign update at the bottom. We all know how important it is for our health to control the humidity in the house. That’s why I wanted to get a dehumidifier (my area never suffer from too low humidity)....

The Nightmare Before and During Christmas

Okay, now that the storm is over I can update you on how HestiaPi saved my (basement’s) life during Christmas holidays. I was working at my basement when I realised there is a leak and drops were coming down from the ceiling. I naturally put...

Migrating to a RasPi based server!

That would be the case if we wouldn’t love you! We are migrating instead to a faster, bigger and all around better machine to withstand the increasing load so expect some minor glitches during DNS propagation today 🙂

New integrated update script for everyone

Till now the update script: sudo /home/pi/scripts/ would overwrite your rules and UI files with the default ones. The new integrated update script (same location) asks you 2 questions: Choose UI: 1) HVAC (US) 2) Standard (EU) and Choose temperature Unit: 1) Fahrenheit (F) 2) Celsius (C) and updates all OpenHAB rules and UI...

[FIXED] Tap and drag icons on LCD UI

A previously fixed bug on OpenHAB reappeared with our latest update of OpenHAB migrating to Stretch, so if you use this image, you will notice that tapping on LCD buttons that have an icon, most of the times produces a drag event on the icon rather than pressing the button. Similar to the image...

Release notes and Instructions for image file v10.3

>> Discussion area << Supported features:   Stretch update: We have upgraded from Jessie to Stretch, the latest stable distro release New optimised LCD driver for faster response to touch events Celsius, Fahrenheit, EU and HVAC mode support in the same image. See here for instructions to change mode. Easily connect HestiaPi to your...

New Dynamic DNS solution

Now that DtDNS has officially suspended their operations some of you may have been locked outside their house. is another tried, tested and approved solution for dynamic DNS to replace DtDNS. Find here how to seamlessly integrate it within your HestiaPi.


v6.0 – Supported features – Thank you paciotti! – Improved design with noise protection from high voltage spikes – Snaps on RaspberryPi Zero/3/2 – Supports both 3.3V and 5V BME sensors. – Dual relay can control 2 independent contacts, like heating thermostat, AC, fan or hot water – Relays offer both N.C. and N.O....

Network issues? No problem!

A few users have reported their WiFi being problematic dropping the connection every now and then. HestiaPi has its WiFi to automatically reconnect once the network is available but this hasn’t always solved the problem. Our latest update introduces a new optional cronjob script that does more. It tries to ping the WiFi’s (wlan0)...

Atmospheric pressure now supported!

Atmospheric pressure is now supported with the latest update! Note that only a software update is needed. The hardware is already there. No soldering required 😉 Monitor in realtime, plot against time or even use it to trigger a further action at a certain pressure level. Simply run this twice over SSH: sudo /home/pi/scripts/

Collaborating with artist for custom cases

After a few requests we are now very happy to work with Antares for any case customisations needed! Customer asked for oak wood. Have a look at his latest work and his website! Customisations from now on will be available upon request.

Just add Internet (and you get remote access)

The latest release of HestiaPi offers very easy remote access to your home without touching your network modem/router or even knowing HestiaPi’s IP! Does not depend on port forwarding or DynDNS! Woohooo! Please note that this is an externally hosted service not controlled by you or us but by OpenHAB itself. Instructions video (if...

Windows now fully supported!

As of 10.1 version, you can now connect your phone to the “HESTIAPI” network with HESTIAPI as the password. Once connected you will automatically be prompted on your phone to select your WiFi network (no hidden SSID supported yet) and enter the password. Your HestiaPi will restart to connect to your...

No more 1 HestiaPi per order limits

We have finally lifted our limit of 1 HestiaPi per order!!! RaspberryPi Zero W will soon be our only version of Raspberry used and the WiFi adapter together with the microUSB converter will be gone.


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