Soldering guide

During the past weeks we have been very busy soldering and assembling your (too many) units, so we thought about making a little video for people who will be soldering their boards themselves. Checkout in the description the extra tools we made to make (y)our life easier.

No customs charges for US and EU orders!

We are very excited to announce that our latest fulfilment scheme includes at no extra cost customs clearance services for all US and EU customers! That means that what you pay at checkout is the total you will be charged for without any surprises as customs! So all hesitant customers

No more slow LCD [VIDEO]

While the campaign is going strong, we are working hard redesigning many parts. One of the most popular requests has always been the LCD UI. Let’s dig right into it…

HestiaPi + ESP = <3

So you’ve heard us brag about being open and all that, but how does this really help you? In this update you will see how easy it is to add a wireless relay without being tied to a specific vendor. So the idea is to add a wireless relay contact

United we stand! (aka we got funded!!!)

Lowering the Funding Goal We’ve made the decision to lower the initial minimum budget from $48k USD to only $6k and soon after we got funded! We’ve made this decision after discussing the numbers with Crowd Supply HQ, and they confirmed that a reduction in the funding goal was feasible.

Campaign is Live!

The HestiaPi campaign is now live on Crowd Supply! Learn more on the main campaign page and reserve yours today from 99USD and free US shipping.

Why pay the premium for smart devices???

Code and schematics soon on Github once polished. We all know how important it is for our health to control the humidity in the house. That’s why I wanted to get a dehumidifier (my area never suffer from too low humidity). But going to the store I realised that the

The Nightmare Before and During Christmas

Okay, now that the storm is over I can update you on how HestiaPi saved my (basement’s) life during Christmas holidays. I was working at my basement when I realised there is a leak and drops were coming down from the

Migrating to a RasPi based server!

That would be the case if we wouldn’t love you! We are migrating instead to a faster, bigger and all around better machine to withstand the increasing load so expect some minor glitches during DNS propagation today 🙂

New integrated update script for everyone

Till now the update script: sudo /home/pi/scripts/ would overwrite your rules and UI files with the default ones. The new integrated update script (same location) asks you 2 questions: Choose UI: 1) HVAC (US) 2) Standard (EU) and Choose temperature Unit: 1) Fahrenheit (F) 2) Celsius (C) and updates all

[FIXED] Tap and drag icons on LCD UI

A previously fixed bug on OpenHAB reappeared with our latest update of OpenHAB migrating to Stretch, so if you use this image, you will notice that tapping on LCD buttons that have an icon, most of the times produces a drag event on the icon rather than pressing the button.

Release notes and Instructions for image file v10.3

>> Discussion area << Supported features:   Stretch update: We have upgraded from Jessie to Stretch, the latest stable distro release New optimised LCD driver for faster response to touch events Celsius, Fahrenheit, EU and HVAC mode support in the same image. See here for instructions to change mode. Easily

New Dynamic DNS solution

Now that DtDNS has officially suspended their operations some of you may have been locked outside their house. is another tried, tested and approved solution for dynamic DNS to replace DtDNS. Find here how to seamlessly integrate it within your HestiaPi.


v6.0 – Supported features – Thank you paciotti! – Improved design with noise protection from high voltage spikes – Snaps on RaspberryPi Zero/3/2 – Supports both 3.3V and 5V BME sensors. – Dual relay can control 2 independent contacts, like heating thermostat, AC, fan or hot water – Relays offer


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