Makers… ready, download, GO!

Without further ado, we are announcing the official release of the latest complete version named ONE as it unifies all previous features in ONE.

Head over the Download section for the code and ready image files, PCB (Gerber) and 3D files (.stl) along with links to all GitHub repos!

Forum is already gaining momentum on the ONE release.

Supported features:

  • New responsive LCD UI with improved functionality
  • HABPanel is not used any more
  • Improved MQTT support – most external variables are now accessible
  • Websockets support
  • New App UI allows control of all functions (heating, cooling, fan, humidity control and 2nd stage heating – depending on model) plus the following:
    • Change timezone
    • Change between °C and °F unit
    • Change between HVAC – US and Generic – EU
    • Select Humidify/Dehumidify function
    • 2nd stage heating custom parameters
    • Shutdown and reboot
    • One-click update from GitHub server
    • Backup/restore configuration
  • Info page with the following:
    • Public IP
    • Local IP
    • WiFi SSID used
    • WiFi signal strength
    • WiFi MAC address
    • CPU Temp/Load
    • Uptime
    • Used Disk space
    • Timezone