Loose rivets and broken LCD hooks

A few people who have received HestiaPi ONE from CrowdSupply/Mouser report broken parts upon arrival.

Although this is indeed true for some unfortunate cases, we want to clarify a few things:

  • All orders placed directly on HestiaPi.com are not at risk as we have been doing that for some time and we know how to protect our toys before shipping
  • If you received your item broken, contact CrowdSupply directly as they are dealing with returns.
  • There are cases that appear broken but they are not. See below…

There are sets of black plastic rivets that hold the PCB on the backplate that goes to the wall. The female part stays on the backplate and the male is pushed from the front of the PCB. As 3D printing does not produce very precise fit, some female parts went loose. As a solution we advise to superglue the female parts on the backplate as shown below.

That should hold the female in place and allow for a tight fit of the male when pushed from the front.

One more common mistake is the LCD hook that secures the LCD on the cover part. The story behind is this: The US model shares the same cover with the EU model. The EU power supply is slightly smaller and allows space for a third extra hook for the LCD.

The US model has a slightly larger (its height is the important dimension here) power supply and that extra hook is removed in all US models. Unfortunately this is simply snapped off and may look ugly but is not a functional problem. Live with it 🙂

Of course this applies to that particular hook only (the bottom one closer to the logo). If anything else is found broken please follow the above link for a quick solution.