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HABPanel Condiguration file (LCD UI)






In /home/pi/scripts and read sensor data from DHT sensors. and change HestiaPi from Celcius to Fahrenheit and vice versa., and read sensor data from BME sensors (calling Returns RasPi CPU temperature. Returns WiFi SSID name. Returns system Timezone. Returns used SD card space. Returns WiFi signal strength. Returns WiFi IP. Returns WiFi MAC address. Switch from the EU mode to HVAC mode and reboot. Note this also changes Celsius to Fahrenheit. Switch from the HVAC mode to EU mode and reboot. Note this also changes Fahrenheit to Celsius. Cron script that checks WiFi connectivity by pinging its gateway. If no response is received at the first time, the WiFi interface is restarted and a DHCP (dynamic) IP is requested. If no response is received again RaspberryPi, the reboot command is sent. Please note this script is not enabled by default and you will need to follow the instructions supplied at the top of the file. Please also note that restarting the Pi will stop any current task and will not resume after restart. loads the Touch LCD UI. Checks current public IP and if it matches with previous reading, it does nothing else. If current public IP is different, the latest value is sent to your account (manual and free account registration needed). Updates all important files from Github. Prompts user for selection of HVAC or EU mode and C or F temperature unit.

Web UI


or simply


and then select Basic UI and default

Smartphone App

Under Settings > Local server settings