Documentation initiative & contest

Over the holiday season we got the chance to sit down and produce some rough documentation. This is only the backbone on top of which we will structure all the info people keep asking. The URL is simple:

Documentation – Out of date

We’ve split the info into:

  • Guides: This is the old guides page with basic instructions from download to installing HestiaPi on your wall
  • FAQ: A quick way to get an answer
  • File Structure & Paths: Any important file/URL/port/password is here
  • User Manual: This is not available yet but it will include details and parts of PCB and case, detailed installation and usage guide and all specs needed.

This is only the beginning so please bear with us and send us in the forum any info you believe we are missing.

Lastly don’t forget the contest still running for a chance to win your HestiaPi!

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