3D-20180621 – HestiaPi Touch Hex Cover v3.stl

Release date: 09/07/2018

Material: ABS, NGEN
Cura settings:
Select nGen, High detail from default profiles and then change
=== QUALITY ===
Layer Height 0.2 mm
=== SHELL ===
Wall Thickness 1.5 mm
Top Thickness 1 mm
Bottom Thickness 1 mm
=== SUPPORT ===
Generate Support CHECKED
Support Placement Touching Buildplate

Print time estimate: 5h 32min

Download link:

Release notes

New design holds the LCD better and is 4mm shorter.
Insert LCD at a 45 degree angle from the logo corner, then turn clockwise and slide left into place before closing.
More symmetrical side holes.

Known Issues

None so far