The Cost of Hacking

This is a gentle warning to those who love disassembling everything, including our HestiaPi Touch. Some people have damaged their LCD’s touch functionality (the display though works fine) by misaligning the connector as shown on the picture. Our case aligns the LCD correctly but if you decide to take things apart, make sure you...

Loose rivets and broken LCD hooks

A few people who have received HestiaPi ONE from CrowdSupply/Mouser report broken parts upon arrival. Although this is indeed true for some unfortunate cases, we want to clarify a few things: All orders placed directly on are not at risk as we have been doing that for some time and we know how...

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) – The Case Chapter

HestiaPi has done great so far but we need to push even further if we want this project to be financially self-sustainable. From our latest crowd funding campaign we realised that 3D printing will be a bottleneck if we want this for mass production. As our volumes are below 10k units, injection molding is...


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