United we stand! (aka we got funded!!!)

Lowering the Funding Goal We’ve made the decision to lower the initial minimum budget from $48k USD to only $6k and soon after we got funded! We’ve made this decision after discussing the numbers with Crowd Supply HQ, and they confirmed that a reduction in the funding goal was feasible. This is partially possible...

You don’t get to decide what is happening in your house (or do you?)

If you haven’t heard already, earlier this week Nest announced they are killing the support of external devices communicating with the API. Popular services like IFTTT, along with pretty much most existing integrations will stop talking to Nest as a result of this action! The “Works With Nest” program and the API has been...

Campaign is Live!

The HestiaPi campaign is now live on Crowd Supply! Learn more on the main campaign page and reserve yours today from 99USD and free US shipping.


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