Migrating HestiaPi.com to a RasPi based server!

That would be the case if we wouldn’t love you! We are migrating instead to a faster, bigger and all around better machine to withstand the increasing load so expect some minor glitches during DNS propagation today 🙂

New integrated update script for everyone

Till now the update script: sudo /home/pi/scripts/update.sh would overwrite your rules and UI files with the default ones. The new integrated update script (same location) asks you 2 questions: Choose UI: 1) HVAC (US) 2) Standard (EU) and Choose temperature Unit: 1) Fahrenheit (F) 2) Celsius (C) and updates all

[FIXED] Tap and drag icons on LCD UI

A previously fixed bug on OpenHAB reappeared with our latest update of OpenHAB migrating to Stretch, so if you use this image, you will notice that tapping on LCD buttons that have an icon, most of the times produces a drag event on the icon rather than pressing the button.


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