No more 1 HestiaPi per order limits

We have finally lifted our limit of 1 HestiaPi per order!!! RaspberryPi Zero W will soon be our only version of Raspberry used and the WiFi adapter together with the microUSB converter will be gone.

Release notes and Instructions for image file v9.2

>> Discussion area << Supported features: Graphs Humidity setpoint logic integration Default SSID settings for easier provisioning (see instructions below) Smart DynDNS updater script KRACK (Key Reinstallation AttaCK) vulnerability patched Full LCD area used Boost countdown shown on screen MQTT support!!! We now support incoming and outgoing MQTT...

New 3D Case files ready for download

A new version (v2) of the case has been released. Fixes some alignment issues Optimised for better printing Reviewed for easier installation on wall See all v2 files (3 pieces) in 3D view here.

Graphs now supported

Update to the latest HestiaPi version and see how your home reacts to your heating/cooling and humidity controls. Valuable insight for serious homeowners. A new image (v9) will soon include all these changes. For the impatient, here are the steps needed: 1. Visit from a browser http://:8080 And choose PaperUI > Add-ons > Persistence...

And we have a winner!

Forum user dexterp37 just won a FREE HestiaPi Touch! Thank you all for your very valuable input and help! We will get in touch with you directly.


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