Step-by-step installation instructions

For those who prefer more insight (like us) rather than blindly installing an image file here are some very rough steps. Please read the warning: Under User Manual: Documentation Please help us making it better if you find mistakes by posting here.

New HestiaPi Touch for 65EUR?

So you want a cheaper HestiaPi? OK, let’s try to cut down some costs for you: Do you already have a RasPi Zero or Zero W sitting? Put it to good use then and remember to add WiFi and adapter in the basket only if needed. Do you also have a few spare SD...

Documentation initiative & contest

Over the holiday season we got the chance to sit down and produce some rough documentation. This is only the backbone on top of which we will structure all the info people keep asking. The URL is simple: Documentation We’ve split the info into: Guides: This is the old guides page with basic instructions...


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