Old HestiaPi gets a major upgrade!

And this is not even the best part! We have our shinning new forum up and running and Greg is the one to blame but he also wrote a detailed guide on how to add MQTT (mosquito) support on old HestiaPi installations! For those who didn’t quite catch that… the Original HestiaPi (not the new...

HestiaPi Code released on GitHub

So for people who don’t want to blindly install an .img file here is an initial commit on GitHub. https://github.com/HestiaPi/hestia-touch-openhab Please don’t report issues yet but your feedback is welcome. Within the week the new forum will be up and running and everybody can join the discussion!

Release notes and Instructions for image file v1

Supported features: Self expanding .img file (occupies all space on first boot if SD card is bigger, not just 3.9GB) Controls heating and/or hot water individually from any Internet connected point on earth Monitors temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure 3.5″ LCD single-point touch screen snaps on RaspberryPi GPIO header WiFi Internet connectivity Dual relay contacts...

New HestiaPi Touch model, new site, new ideas!

We are very proud to announce our new baby in the family! HestiaPi Touch is smaller, fully touchscreen controlled, more powerful, versatile and customisable! Completely redesigned, top to bottom, allows so many upgrades to come in the near future. All electronics are already available on our (also new!) website for makers around the globe with...


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